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you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. guilty on two counts of misconduct. that's the verdict in the john leopold trial. what does it mean for his political career? >> how is the state doing is in the governor will let us know today. we have a preview coming up of the state of the state. >> yeah ♪ new muse >> the ravens give us optimism and a reason to rap. a look at a family excited about the superbowl so excited they just had to rap. bust out into a rap. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. we start with breaking news this morning. >> all right. we have got news coming out concerning the weather. we could have severe storms this evening. the same system is causing significant damage in the state of tennessee. look at this video. this coming to us out of east texas. strong winds ripped the roof off a wal-mart warehouse but again, the band of this system is stretching across the nation's mid-section. thanks for joining us it could impact us the next few hours.
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>> we will share the pictures as they come into the newsroom. the video was brand new. hang on and stay with usch as the information is available, we will bring it to you. >> all right. you guys, exactly. let's show you what's going on. this is what we saw. this is a line of strong thunderstorms severe thunderstorms working its way across the tennessee valley right now. and i pick out tennessee because it is in the thick of things. and they have about five or six tornado warnings. they are seeing tornadoes on the ground across the area. and this large system is tracking towards us as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening time frame. so i am thinking around maybe 3:00 or 4 we could see showers in the forecast. but then the heavier rain and isolated thunderstorms will come as we go through the evening. but this morning, the only thing we are dealing with is the clouds and the clouds at the ground and that's interpreted as fog. and we are dealing with some mild temperatures. look at the 52 degrees right now in frederick. and we are dealing with temperatures coming in the 50s
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and a. so be prepared for the mild -- so be prepared for the mild temperatures. and baltimore is at 46 degrees. so this is how you can plan your day. you step outdoors and take the umbrella with you if you not getting back home because you will need it today. going in through the afternoon, the winds will pick up as well. it's going to be breezy with that temperature coming in at 64 degrees by lunchtime. and this is the perfect day if we had lots ofship and not severe weather on -- sunshine and not lots of severe weatheron the way. if we get sunshine in here, you better believe that the temperatures will be in the 70s by the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook goodmorning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with quite a bit of fog. so turn on the low he beams this morning. -- low beams this morning. in harford county there's nothing in your way on i-95. from mountain road clear to white marsh. to 695 at parkville at harford road traffic is moving but watch out for a crash on puddy
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hill avenue at avondale. and traveling the west side of the beltway, conditions will remain in great shape. 8 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 70. if you are heading out to 795, no delays whatsoever traveling southbound from westminster pike all the way down to the beltway. that will take you just 10 minutes. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. texas, guns, pit bulls the death penalty when it comes to the state there are issues that can y pact your life and we will hear -- impact your life and we will hear about them today. the governor will tell us how we are doing at noon when he delivers the state of the state address. sherrie johnson has a preview. and that is full plate. lot of things going on in annapolis today. governor o'malley delivers the state of the state address at noon at the maryland statehouse in annapolis. the governor plans to tell the story of how the state came together over the past few difficult years. the governor will discuss how the state is number one in education and invasion and in
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regional job recovery. he will discuss what choices we can make together to help create more jobs and expand opportunity and strengthen the middle class. also happening today, maryland's dog owners and supporters will gather at lawyers mall in annapolis in a peaceful demonstration. they want to show support for all dog owners including pit bull type dogs. many of them were disappointed with the court of appeals decision in 2012 that said pit bulls are dangerous. there will be a public hearing on the compromise bill this afternoon about 2:30. and a news conference to cover upcoming legislation on antihuman trafficking is part of the assess forfeiture bills that ceases assets from convicted offenders of human trafficking. and you can catch the governor's state of the state address streamed live on starting at noon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. four minutes after 6 right now. now he is found guilty of misconduct, john leopold could lose his job as the county
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executive. today there's going to be a request the county council to introduce a bill to have him removed from office. council members will vote monday. if five of the 7 vote in favor he will be removed as county executive. sentencing dates have not been set but we will keep you posted. it's about 5 minutes after 6. and today the ravens hold the first superbowl practice working out on the tulane university campus. meantime, ray lewis is speaking out about the article where he says or is accused of use a banned substance by the nfl they say he reached out to a company to repair his torn triceps and he seas the story is not true. he says the story is not true. >> i been in the business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i ever took in the nfl, it's every -- there's never been a question if i ever even thought about using
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anything. so to entertain stupidity like that tell them to get a story off somebody else. >> coach john harbaugh and rains reiterated the fact he never failed a drug test in his 17-year career. there's family that made a video about the ravens and it's going viral. linda so is live at m and t bank stadium. tell us what the song is all about. >> reporter: well, the song is called ravens are fighters and family put it together in honor of the team and their trip to the superbowl. they post it on youtube last week. it has gone viral and got about more than 30,000 hits. you should take a listen. [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the family of bel air are huge ravens fan scott the dad is a singer songwriter and came up with the song last week and got his three
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daughters to sing it with him and mom who says she is the biggest fan in the family taped the video and they posted it on youtube. it quickly got a lot of attention. the family says they are happy to use the love for singing to show their purple pride. >> we were in the kitchen and practiced it and put it together and cut the parts up and then went downstairs and videotaped it. >> mom is always behind the camera in everything. >> reporter: now the family says the video has gotten so popular that elementary schools plan to use it during the pep rallies last week. if you like this song, this is not the only thing we have about ravens fans. on the website at we have a special ravens section with all kinds of things that fans have put up in honor of the team and their trip to the superbowl. live at the bank, linda so, abc2 news. if you've been, newo new orleans is a -- you know new orleans is a spirited town. >> we will show outmagic of new
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orleans, the sights and -- you the magic of new orleans, the sights and sounds and everything welcoming the fans to the big game. >> people take a pill to prevent pregnancy but what if it was a man's responsibility? we will have more on the birth control for men. >> since we don't have snowhere, we will show you some in other parts of the country. this is special because this place doesn't always see a winter wonderland. >> all right you know i know a lot of people are loving the warm temperatures. but because of the warm temperatures, i am going to tell you and show you what's happening as we go into the evening. that's coming up. >> reporter: well, traffic is moving along here on 695 at dulaney valley road but we have a crash in parkville. details coming up on good morning maryland. >> a look at 5th avenue in the big apple. let's head that way for a check of today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a heavy duty ipad the full-sizeed tablet has more memory 128 gigabytes or twice
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as much as previous versions and starts at 800 bucks. that's the only change. the new version of microsoft office has fresh look and new features and automatically updates itself as part of the annual subscription. joanna stern says the 100 fee lets you use office 365 for up to five computers. >> it's great for those who use multiple devices and for the family that has a different computer for the daughter and different one for the son in high school and for the mom who has a computer in the kitchen. >> reporter: office 365 remembers your settings wherever you are. and youtube will begin offering paid prescription for individual channels. the videos might include programs and live events and fees would be $5 or less a month forly -- initially. those are the tech bites have a wonderful wednesday. i am rob nelson.
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it's 11 minutes after the hour. high wind blowing right now down in the crescent site. you are look live via earth cam at bourbon street. we had a few stragglers out there. cue the car passion throughch the switchover is coming up in a bit. breakfast is few hours away in new orleans and it's no stranger to hosting big parties. they have had super bowls before and you've got mardi gras and jazz fests. fans don't have to look hard for things to do but she is a pettycabdriver that moved from california to the big easy and spoke about the charm that comes to the crescent city. >> i think the reason why everybody loves it so much and is so happy and joyful and proud of being from here is because they have been through so much you know. and it's a place for the checkered past but a great memory. >> the mayor of new orleans thinks the global spotlight will give the city a chance to
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show how far it has come since the devastation of hurricane katrina in 20 05. we are enjoying the warmer temperatures. there's a new wintery weather now come to new mexico. this is santa fe. look at that lynette. they have got snow on the ground out there. drivers had a tough time getting around and you can see cars and trucks all over the roadways and see that over my left shoulder. this is tough out there. this once again video coming from santa fe. this is daylight video and as you can see megan, lynette, they are not used to this type of weather at all. >> no. nasty there. nothing like that yesterday here. it was gorgeous out. >> okay. let's do the breakdown. okay. so, three days we started out with wintery weather. >> right. >> and. >> that's monday. >> the ice and yesterday we had the fog. >> okay. >> and then today, we have the warmer temperatures which is good for a lot of people, but we have the severe weather potentially coming in this evening. so we have been active the past three days. >> it's been interesting. >> is the storm system that big because it looks to be. >> it is. >> looks like one of those from the great lakes to the gulf.
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>> exactly. and it's ahead of the cold front that will slice through the area as we go through a two headed system. so, we have the severe weather that's going to be moving in and you can see on the backside of it, there's snow. and we will get both parts of that. being see what it's doing right now over in indianapolis. we can see it around tennessee right now. dripped back down into louisiana. it's been reeking havoc around tennessee this morning. lots of tornado warnings across the area. and this will continue to march off towards the east. so, the timing for us i am thinking a few showers could work their way in here around 3 or 4 and the bulk of the rain and isolated thunderstorms going into 8 and 9 and lingering overnight. i will show outfuture trend in second but in the meantime, this is what we are dealing w we have the clouds and if we get a few breaks in the clouds, the sunshine will warm a the who have spots up into the 70s. -- carl a lot of spots up --
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will warm a lot of spots up. >> the 70s -- into the 70s. some places at 60 or close to 60. there's coldth cold front that i am talking about and this is one that's going to march on in here and behind it, that's when we will see the cold side of this system so we have the potential for snow showers as we go into friday. abc2 most accurate future trend goes into motion and you can see the timing. around 11 that's when the bulk of the action really gets in here. we are talking about those yellowish colors. that's the moderate rain being put down. and then on the backside, there's the blue. that's indicative of the snow we could be seeing as we go into friday. 68 degrees though as we go through today and if we get the sunshine people will see 706789 we look at the -- 70. we look at the 7-day forecast with cold temperatures by the superbowl.
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>> reporter: we are following a crash in baltimore county in parkville. it has shut down the westbound lanes of puddy hill avenue at avondale road. avoid the area. traveling on the bestway no delays on outer loop from parkville up to towson and the inner loop will be nice and clear from harford road all the way down to 95. and as we look at the west side of the beltway, here at old court road, traffic is starting to pick up on the outer loop. but no delays as of yet. just 8 minutes right now to travel from 795 down to 706789 we are dealing with a lot of fog this morning. you will want to be extra careful on harrisburg expressway but no delays at shawan road and it will remain clear getting on the jfx and heading into the city. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now megan over to you. all right. if you are trying to lose weight you may want to pay closer attention to what you eat. that sounds like no brainer but participants in study who ate a bigger meal later in the day lost less weight than those whoate earlier in the day.
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the study followed 420 people during a 20-week program and those who ate lunch before 3 lost 25% more than those who ate after 3 in the afternoon. if you are worried your team might not win the big game on sunday, try serving some stress busting foods at your party. there's such a thing. items this morning to consider to add to the menu to take the tension away. >> blueberries are high in a pigment that is an anti-oxidant that helps to calm your nerves and it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and gives you a more stable energy throughout the day. >> other foods to calm your nerves dark leafy greens vegetables fish and foods high with vitamin a and c. guys listen to this. researchers are working on a birth control pill for men. others tried but failed in the past because of harmful side effects. but doctors at baylor college
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of medicine in texas say theirs is different. others targeted hormones but jq1 targets germ cells and so far in mice, there have been no side effects. >> i will tell you what it didn't do, it didn't affect the libido and this is over a one year of time and men might be taking it for many years. >> clinical trials could start in five years. a sold year who lost all four limbs in roadside bombing in iraq has message of hope. he had a rare double arm transplant. doctors at jobs hopkins where the srnlg which -- where the surgery was performed says it could take several years when he is able to fully raise his new arms but he is keeping a positive attitude. >> a lot of people will say you can't do something just be stoush stubborn and do it anyway -- stubborn and do it anyway. >> the procedure took 16 surgeons 13 hours and it's the 7th time this type of surgery
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has been performed in the united states. so who spoke at your graduation? >> he is going to be pretty unforgettable commencement speaker, the ironman. details ahead. and they are -- >> they are known not for ice cream but the names of the flavors. that gets as much air play as anything else. ben and jerry's is giving props to a tv sitcom. >> and as we head to break this morning, you are looking live at fells point. quiet right now. we will be right back.
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a hometown hero will deliver the commencement address at university of maryland college park. >> orioles grail cal ripken junior will speak to graduates on may 19th. he began playing professional baseball after high school and never went to college. but he says he has "a great respect for higher education and a great value it brings
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young peoplep that's quote from cal ripken junior. it's time for caption this where viewers send in photos and we post them and allow you to caption them. this was sent in by michelle and this is her bulldog and he is not just any dog but a mascot at beltsville elementary school in pg county. how awesome is this? he is hard at work behind the desk. it generated aton of comments. roy wrote in saying shape up or outwill be replaced by a cat. sathy i am dog tired and deborah says just got my dogre and they gave me a desk. if nothing else is on the agenda meeting adjourned it's superbowl time keep the pictures coming. i need some for later this week. e-mail yours to and you can post it to my facebook page. tomorrow ben and jerry's
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ice cream unveils a new treat honoing a tv show called 30 rock flavor but we don't know what's in it. the company says that it wants to honor the comedy series and celebrate the final season. coming up on katie a star studded show for you. >> she welcomes in oscar nominee angela basset and mary j blige and michael bolton. >> so you were a bit of a stoner as a kid. >> tell everybody tell everybody. >> it's in your book. >> oh it's in the book oh no. oh no. yes. yeah. i was kind of a haze. it was a bit of a haze my teen years. >> from 12 to 20 you were smoking dope. >> 12 to 18. >> and. >> everybody i knew was. >> yeah. >> anybody who wasn't was missing the party or something. >> yeah. and but then you stopped when you got to be about 18 or 20. >> 18 everything shifted. >> how did you decide you know
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this is not really working for me? >> i started actually started to meditate. and that really was a very, very big shift for me. it probably saved me in a lot of ways. >> and you can catch the show at 4 right here on abc2. stay with us this morning, she was seeking court protection. >> after what happened to her she didn't need to make a case. what happened in the courtroom had deputies springing into action.
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glr's watching the station works for you now good morning maryland. >> the teen accused of opening fire at perry hall is heading back to court. what the judge must decide before the case moves forward. baltimore county officials want to protect your children and are looking to improve school curet by the plan comes with a hefty price tag. >> using a car seat properly is important when it comes to keeping your child say. where you can go to have your child's car seat checked. >> but we start with breaking news. >> concerning the weather there could be severe storms this evening the same weather system has caused significant damage in indianapolis. we have the pictures just in about 90 minutes ago to the
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newsroom. being see strong winds knocked down power lines -- as you can see strong winds knocked down power lines and uprooted trees. >> lynette charles, as you've been telling us, you are keeping a eye on the system. >> exactly. it's mock towards us -- moving towards us through the remainder of the day. you can see it up into michigan right now. back down into louisiana and this is on the move towards the east. so it's dropping tornado warnings in tennessee and done that in illinois and the track keeps it further towards the east here. and on the backside of the system, we are also dealing with some snow and that's going to be moving in across the area. so what are the ingredients? one of the ingredients the warm moist air from the gulf of mexico. look at that 73 in new orleans. and this is all going to track and move in our direction up toward the north and east going throughout the day. setting us up for the potential for some severe weather. let's go ahead and hone in on some of the temperatures this morning. because already in the upper 50s close to

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